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Current version: 0.2.0(beta)
JCollapse Online (JAVA APPLET)
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Java Web Start

It requires any browser (ie Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc...) that supports Java 5 plugin..

If you have sound problems, you must install the latest version of java.Click here to go to Java download page.

If your browser can't load the game, probably you don't have java plugin installed. To do so, go to java home page and download it for free!

If you connect through a proxy server, check out java proxy settings. If you have problems with automatic proxy configuration, you must fill proxy settings manually.

You may have Java Applet plugin installed, but your browser may block it for security reasons. See the browser documentation to allow execution of Scripts and ActiveX controls.

You can use Java Web Start to play the game on-line/off-line!Click HERE!

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